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Karpet Nomad 3M 4000
Karpet Nomad 3M 4000
Karpet Nomad 3M 4000
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Karpet Nomad 3M 4000

Rubber Mat Distributor - Floor Specialist Carpet in Jakarta. Our company as a distributor of floor carpet that sells a variety of Rubber Mat hole-bolong, Entrap carpet, Nomad carpet, Rubber Coin Mat, Rubber Bordes Mat, Rubber Rib Mat, Rubber Hammer Mat, Rubber Matt Puzzle, Rubber Floor for Workshop, Kitchen, Bathroom, Shipping, Carpet for the Horse, Cow and Pig, Rubber Mat for Sports / Gym. Rubber Fooring for playgound children's playground. Rubber Sheet for Workshop.


PT Bagus Unggul Sejahtera
Lindeteves Trade Center GF1 A2 no.48
Jakarta - City
Tel: 021-62308776
Hp: 082110626828

Email: bagusjayalim @

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